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Why Are Inflatable Cofferdams Superior to Steel Cofferdams

Why Are Inflatable Cofferdams Superior to Steel Cofferdams

Cofferdams are the best option for dewatering, flood protection, and creating a watertight environment for construction which would be impossible or incredibly dangerous without some barrier. Traditional cofferdams are permanent and made of materials such as steel or wood, while inflatable dams are portable and constructed of geotextile materials that offer industrial strength protection. While you may be inclined to think that steel could be a superior material for a cofferdam, you may be surprised about all the ways that an inflatable dam is a more suitable option for you and your property or business.

Inflatable Cofferdams Are Just As Strong As Steel

While steel may have been the peak of engineering in the middle ages, new technologies and operating standards have made the material obsolete in the cofferdam market. Inflatable cofferdams may look like giant balloons; however, their strength is undeniable as the materials used in construction make them puncture-resistant and resistant to immense pressure. On the other hand, steel can rust, deteriorate, and require costly repairs long after you’ve finished your work or flooding has stopped. Furthermore, the way inflatable dams function, by filling a bladder with the water you are blocking, they can grow to considerable weight, with larger cofferdams able to withstand pressures that would make all but the thickest steel buckle.

Dam-It-Dams Cofferdams Are Portable And Environmentally Friendly

While damming something such as a river or bay can inherently damage the environment, it is necessary for several flood prevention and construction activities. The portability of inflatable cofferdams allows you to mitigate the time you need to block waterways and limit your effect on the surrounding area. Steel cofferdams take a long time to build and take down, requiring several days or weeks of work with several contractors to construct. On the other hand, an inflatable dam can be set up in just a few hours with a small team of workers and limited equipment. Furthermore, while steel dams are more permanent, they can deteriorate over time, whereas an inflatable dam can be collected and redeployed whenever the need arises.

Let’s Talk About Emergencies

When foul weather is forecast, you may not have the time or resources to construct a steel cofferdam within a potential flooding area. Additionally, a storm can change immediately, with the prospect of infrastructure such as permanent dams or levies failing. An inflatable cofferdam can shine even brighter than usual in these intense situations. When time is an issue, the quick setup allows immediate response to changing conditions, ensuring that property and work sites are protected from powerful floodwaters. Further, the adaptability of inflatable cofferdams means that almost any dangerous scenario can be mitigated through the efforts of a small team.

Cost-Effective Inflatable Cofferdams

Finally, an inflatable cofferdam from Dam-It-Dams is sure to be less expensive than steel alternatives. Sheet metal is more expensive than the materials used in inflatable dams, and the time-consuming work needed to install means higher costs for staffing and machinery. On the other hand, an inflatable cofferdam uses the already available water to help inflate and provides an exponentially more efficient solution to water intrusion.

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