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Why Inflatable Cofferdams are Superior to Sandbags for Erosion Control

Why Inflatable Cofferdams are Superior to Sandbags for Erosion Control

For countless years now, many people and companies have been repeatedly turning to sandbags in order to solve issues with water intrusion. Happily, there is now a far more effective solution to water intrusion issues than sandbags, and one that is far superior too, especially when it comes to erosion control.

Allow us here at Dam-It-Dams to explain why inflatable cofferdams are superior to sandbags for erosion control, and for a whole host of other issues.

Sandbags Can Cause as Many Problems as They are Provided to Solve

Let’s say you need to build a wall that is six feet tall, and around 40 feet in length. That’s not a major wall when it comes to water intrusion by any stretch of the imagination, but you will still need around 15,000 sandbags to build that wall.

That is an impressive number of sandbags! The problem is, those sandbags need to be put into place somehow, the most commonly used method is good old manual labor! Of course, hauling around 15,000 sandbags takes a lot of time-consuming physical effort, and there is of course the chance of physical injury.

Compare this to an inflatable cofferdam – heavy machinery is used to put the dam in place, then water pumps are used to inflate the cofferdam, creating an impenetrable barrier.

Naturally, it’s not just getting the sandbags in place that’s an issue – you have to remove them too. Sandbags are also regarded as hazardous material once used and must be disposed of along legal guidelines – more expense!

An inflatable cofferdam simply has the water pumped out of it, then it is rolled up and removed. It can of course be used time and time again – unlike sandbags.

Sandbags Contribute Greatly to Soil Erosion

Having people constantly working around an area close or in water causes soil erosion. The soil close to the water is disturbed and enters the water. If the water is in motion then this soil can cause problems downstream, such as entering drainage or plumbing systems and causing blockages. The soil may also contain containments that are best kept away from any water supply.

The use of an inflatable cofferdam causes significantly decreased amounts of erosion. In fact, by using inflatable cofferdams you will be hardly disturbing the local environment at all.

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