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2018 Eastern Pacific Hurricanes

2018 Eastern Pacific Hurricanes

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The record active storm season of 1992 in the Eastern Pacific stands at 27 named storms, 16 hurricanes, and 11 major hurricanes (rated Category 3 or higher). As of October 19, there have been 21 named storms, 12 of which became hurricanes, and 9 which were categorized as major hurricanes. This season is fast approaching the title of second busiest storm season on record for the Eastern Pacific. Five of these storms, hurricanes Hector, Lane, Norman, Olivia, and Sergio, each lasted ten days or more, with Hurricane Hector lasting for just over a week at Category 3.

What’s causing such a highly active season? Well, one contributing factor for the elevation in activity is the above average water temperatures from the Pacific Coast in Mexico to the International Date Line. Warmer water will support more intense tropical cyclones for longer periods of time. While the temperatures have yet to reach El Nino criteria, the atmosphere is already behaving similarly. A trend is in place this season favoring an upward motion which leads to more tropical activity in the Pacific Basin this season while the Atlantic Basin is experiencing a downward motion which suppresses tropical activity there.

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