Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Cofferdam Application – Shoreline Restoration and Erosion Control

Cofferdam Application – Shoreline Restoration and Erosion Control

Shoreline Restoration and Erosion Control with Cofferdams

When it comes to our shorelines, it’s easy to forget just how important the care and maintenance are of these natural barriers are and how easy it is to take for granted their importance. The erosion of a body of waters shoreline is a natural and unpreventable process, though there are ways to undo the damage. When the process of erosion becomes too much, it can effect the quality of natural waters, it can potentially devastate the local fish and wildlife that rely on that water throwing the fragile ecosystem out of balance, it can destabilize the natural order, and it can eventually cause massive amounts of property damages if left unattended long enough. Cofferdams can help prevent these situations.

When occurrences like this happen, shoreline restoration and preservation needs to be a priority! The importance of erosion prevention can not be stressed enough. Having the right equipment and knowing the proper steps to take makes the job easier, more effective, and easier.

Having a cofferdam from Dam-It Dams helps to create the necessary barrier by damming the water and allowing you to perform repair and maintenance activities in a dry work environment. By diverting your site, flooding could be caused to other areas near the work site, so it’s always important to be fully aware of the entire area you’re working in. Once your work site is dry and prepped for work, the next steps are easier to perform safely and thoroughly without fear of failure, because you’re using a well-known barrier product with Dam-It Dams, Inc.

As always, any questions can be brought to the attention of our knowledgeable staff. Dam-It Dams feels that the beauty of Mother Nature should be cared for while ensuring the safety of any construction project, be it big or small.

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