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3 Reasons Why Dewatering Is Important For Your Construction Project

3 Reasons Why Dewatering Is Important For Your Construction Project

If you are an experienced construction company, then you likely understand how important dewatering is for any construction project where water is a problem. You could be building or repairing a bridge or a rampway. No matter what you are doing, the presence of water is a problem.

If perhaps you are new to working with water, here are three reasons why dewatering is important for your construction project.

It Will Keep Your Employees Safe

Construction workers are not typically experienced in working in water, as the majority of construction projects take place on dry land. Even if not working directly in water, constructions sites that have not been dewatered properly can easily become extremely hazardous due to the presence of wet soil and mud.

If you do not take the necessary dewatering steps then you are risking the safety of your labor force. If they slip and fall, they could suffer an injury or something worse could happen to them. In addition, construction projects on soft ground are never as sturdy and resilient as projects on solid ground.

It Will Help You To Stick To Your Job Schedule

When you agreed to undertaken a construction project you would have agreed upon a set schedule, often with financial penalties if there are significant delays to the projects’ completion. The presence of water simply makes construction more difficult, which with lengthen the time taken for your complete the project.

You also need to take measures if you are working in an area that is prone to flooding. A sudden flood can send a construction project right back to step one.

It Helps To Prevent Damage To Your Equipment

Water may be key to human life, but when it comes to construction it’s a genuine hazard. Water has a way of finding its way into everything and if you have not dewatered successfully then you’ll find items of your company’s equipment will suffer damage.

This will lead to a loss of profit as damaged items will need to be replaced.

Achieve All Your Dewatering Needs Thanks To Dam-It-Dam’s Water Inflated Cofferdams

Here at Dam-It-Dams we can provide you with the ideal solution for dewatering issues with your construction project – our water filled inflatable cofferdams! Easy to erect and easy to install, they provide a suitable and cost effective solution that’s friendly to the environment as well!

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