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How Portable Cofferdams Can Be Used For Shoreline Restoration

How Portable Cofferdams Can Be Used For Shoreline Restoration

We have a large number of lakes and waterways in the United States, plus a lengthy coastline as well. That means a large expanse of shorelines, which in turn means a hefty need for construction in and around shoreline areas. If you commonly work in areas involving shoreline restoration, then you will want to choose the best methods of getting the job done successfully.

Portable Cofferdams Can Really Help With Shoreline Restoration Projects

When you are working on a shoreline it is important that as much care is taken to preserve that shoreline as possible. However, with most projects that involve work in or around a shoreline disruption to that shoreline is inevitable. It is therefore important that following a construction project that has caused disruption to a shoreline, that shoreline restoration is undertaken.

There are several reasons why shoreline restoration is important. If there has been a significant amount of erosion during a construction project, then this can destabilize the shoreline. This will increase the amount of sediment added to a source of water which can cause issues further along the water’s course. It can also create a loss of habitat and disruption to the local ecosystem.

Using A Portable Cofferdam Is Ideal For Any Shoreline Restoration Project

The most efficient method of shoreline restoration will involve a dewatering stage. A shoreline can only be restored effectively if water is temporary diverted away from the area that is being restored. If not, further erosion and ongoing problems will be the only result.

Portable cofferdams are ideal for shoreline restoration projects. They can be easily positioned and inflated to create an area from which water can be temporarily removed. They – unlike other dewatering solutions such as sandbags – cause little-to-no damage to the shoreline and can be removed easily too when shoreline restoration has been completed. Because they are reusable, they are the most cost effective method of dewatering, as well as being environmentally friendly.

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