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The Advantages of Using Cofferdams for Water Storage

The Advantages of Using Cofferdams for Water Storage

There are several ways in which you can provide a water storage solution – either permanently or temporarily. The most common way of creating somewhere where water can be stored is to dig a pit in the ground, line it with some type of waterproof barrier and then fill it with water. This may be one solution, but it certainly is not the best. In this article we are going to talk about the advantages of using cofferdams for water storage.

Water-inflated Cofferdams Provide Many Solutions for Water Containment or Removal

A cofferdam is a (usually) temporary structure that provides a dedicated barrier against water intrusion. Many construction sites use cofferdams to create a temporary dam so they can get on with their project without having to work in water, or to make the construction project possible in the first place. Cofferdams can be used for water storage too.

You may think it’s probably easier to excavate an area of ground to create a water storage facility, but that is not correct! Excavating a pit is time consuming, labor intensive work. If the area in which you need your water storage facility is on hard ground or rock, then you will have quite a bit of work ahead of you, creating a great deal of expense.

You will also be undermining the environment by disturbing this area including the groundwater table. If your water storage facility is a temporary need, then you will have to make the area safe again afterwards, costing you more time and money. The damage though that has been caused to the environment is likely permanent.

To Save Time, Money and to be Friendlier to the Environment, Use a Cofferdam

As we stated earlier, a water-inflated cofferdam is a temporary structure that can be placed exactly where you need it to be with minimal disturbance to the natural environment. You can use as many cofferdams as you want to create your water storage facility as they can be fitted together using our unique, water-tight collar solution. When you have fulfilled the need of your water storage facility you can simply remove the water, deflate your cofferdam and then move it to the place where it next needs to be.

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