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Say Goodbye to Sandbags with Inflatable Cofferdams

Say Goodbye to Sandbags with Inflatable Cofferdams

One of the most common solutions to water intrusion issues is the use of sandbags. Whether it’s the creation of a temporary barrier, or their use against potential flooding, sandbags have become something of a traditional resource. They are effective at what they do, but using them can be problematic, and there are better solutions available.

Here at Dam-It-Dams we are going to talk about the use of the best alternative and explain how you can say goodbye to sandbags with inflatable cofferdams.

What’s the Problem with Using Sandbags for Dewatering Efforts?

Sandbags are a solution to dewatering or flood protection, but they are far from perfect. No matter how tightly you pack your sandbags, there are never watertight. Water will infiltrate them, and soak into the sand within. The water will then eventually find its way beyond the sandbags and into areas where it is not wanted.

What’s more, when you purchase sandbags, they are usually supplied empty. That means you have to either find the sand from nearby available sources or purchase the sand itself. Then begins the laborious task of filling each individual sandbag, transporting them then placing them in position.

Removing water-soaked sandbags is even more back-breaking, as a water-soaked sandbag is as heavy as (if not heavier than) a block of concrete of the same dimensions.

You Really Can Say Goodbye to Sandbags with Inflatable Cofferdams from Dam-It-Dams

People have used sandbags for dewatering and flood protection for decades, but only because there has been no alternative. The great news is that there is now an alternative – and one that is much more effective in terms of performance, ease of use and cost.

Inflatable cofferdams are reusable barriers that are simply placed into position and then inflated, usually by pumping water into them. If you’ve used sandbags, then you’ll know that they are seldom reusable as they become soaked with polluted water and become home to mold and other nasty particles. These are not problems you will experience with an inflatable cofferdam.

A single inflatable cofferdam can replace between 750 and 1,000 sandbags depending upon application. Indeed, by linking inflatable cofferdams together you can replace any number of sandbags that you could possibly imagine!

If your go-to solution for dewatering or flood defense is usually sandbags, then it really is time to say goodbye to them. To learn more, contact Dam-It-Dams at 810-695-1695 or use this form to receive a free quote.

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