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Exploring the Versatility of Inflatable Cofferdams in Marine Construction

Exploring the Versatility of Inflatable Cofferdams in Marine Construction

Marine construction jobs have added difficulties for crews working in normally underwater areas. Particular safety practices have to be implemented in the working environment, and environmental concerns are often present, not seen in construction projects on land. Whether you’re building a dock, putting in a boat ramp, or building a seawall, keeping the water out of the working environment and reintroducing it after the project has been completed is a tall order. Dam-It-Dam’s line of water-filled cofferdams has become the industry standard for marine construction jobs. Our dams are strong enough to hold back large amounts of water from the work site, yet safe for the environment, leaving no environmental impact and little to no evidence that they were ever there. Our custom-built water-filled cofferdams are the most versatile and cost-effective water damming system.

The Role of Inflatable Cofferdams in Marine Projects

Dam-It-Dam’s water-inflated cofferdams are not just versatile, they are adaptable to your specific project needs. Whether you need them for a small-scale job or a large-scale project, our cofferdams can be custom-ordered to any size. They can be rented and delivered to your job site or purchased and easily stored, giving you full control over your marine construction projects. Some of the roles our cofferdams have successfully filled include:

Draining Construction Sites: Dam-It-Dam’s water-inflated cofferdams’ most common use is draining and holding back water from a work site. Our dams can be placed around the work site and inflated with water from the job site while the enclosed area is also drained. Our dams are made of geotextile materials that are as tough as environmentally friendly. Once a job is complete, our dams can drained and removed from the job site and rolled up for easy storage, leaving little to no sign that they were ever there.

Repair Existing Structures: Whether it is a sea wall or a dock, eventually, time takes its toll on structures built in marine environments, and repairs or maintenance will need to be carried out. Our dams can quickly drain water from the work site, allowing repairs or maintenance to be completed quickly without needing to construct more labor-intensive dams for jobs that can be completed promptly.

Environmental Protection: Water-inflated cofferdams can do more than hold back water from a work site. They can serve as barriers to keep runoff or contaminants from construction sites on land from entering sensitive nearby marine environments. Water-inflated cofferdams play an essential role on many land-based job sites, preventing harmful materials from the job site from entering nearby bodies of water.

Deploying Dam-It-Dam’s Water-Inflated Cofferdams and Maintenance Tips

Dam-It-Dam’s line of water-inflated cofferdams can be made to any requirements for a job site. They are made from rigid, environmentally friendly geotextile materials and can be ordered in custom sizes for deployment sites. Once they arrive at the job site, basic steps should be taken to ensure they perform at their best. The job site should be inspected for materials that can puncture the dam’s skin and removed before deployment. They should not be unrolled or handled with any equipment that could puncture their skin. Once they are no longer needed at a job site, they can be drained and rolled up for ease of storage. Before storage, they should be cleaned from any materials that may have stuck to them and inspected for any damage. Any punctures can be easily repaired with patches both when they are deployed and when they are taken down for storage. Our dams should be stored out of sunlight to protect their strength from degrading by the sun’s harmful UV rays. Our dams are built to last for several deployments if installed and stored correctly.

Dam-It-Dams: America’s Best Water-Inflated Cofferdams

For nearly a quarter of a century, Dam-It-Dams has worked to revolutionize marine work sites in the US and around the world. To learn more about how our damming systems can work for your marine projects, call us at 810-695-1695 to get started on your next marine project today.

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