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Revolutionizing Bridge Repair with Inflatable Cofferdams

Revolutionizing Bridge Repair with Inflatable Cofferdams

Across the United States, infrastructure continues to make news. While a recent spending bill included 40 billion for infrastructure repair, it has been estimated that the total cost to repair backlogged infrastructure repairs is over 125 billion dollars. Bridge repair is a crucial part of this infrastructure bill and accounts for a large percentage of total infrastructure repair costs. There are unique challenges that come with bridge repair and construction. One of the most challenging is creating a safe and dry working environment. Dam-It-Dams line of water-inflated cofferdams is a powerful tool for marine construction projects, including bridge repair and construction. Besides creating a solid barrier and dry working environment, our dams have other benefits that make them better than other damming solutions. Our inflatable dams are more affordable, reusable, and environmentally friendly than other dams on the market. Let’s deeply dive into bridge repair and construction and the benefits of using water-inflated cofferdams.

Challenges With Bridge Repair and Solutions From Dam-It-Dams

Bridge repair often requires a dry working environment and environmental concerns must also be considered. With Dam-It-Dams water-inflated cofferdams, dry work environments can be quickly created on demand without disturbing the surrounding environment. They are very versatile and can be ordered to fit any specifications. Their reusable nature makes them the most affordable damming system for bridge repair applications.

Creating a Safe, Dry Working Environment With Inflatable Cofferdams

Thanks to advances in water-inflated cofferdams, creating a dry and safe working environment on bridge repair projects has never been easier. Our dams can be ordered or rented to any specifications and are designed for quick on-site deployment. To create a dry working environment around bridge pillars, deploy the dam around the perimeter, which will be drained of water. Once inflated, the surrounding area can be drained, creating a safe and secure working environment. When the job has been completed, the inflatable dams can be drained and stored away conveniently until needed for their next job.

Prevent Damage to the Environment During Bridge Repairs

Working in marine environments requires special steps to prevent ecological damage. Inflatable cofferdams can prevent several types of damage to marine environments when repairing bridges, including:

  • Minimizing disturbance of sediment
  • Preventing hazardous runoffs
  • Preventing erosion
  • Leaving little to no sign they were ever there

By using Dam-It-Dams water-inflated cofferdams, you can create a safe, dry working space while protecting the health of the surrounding marine environment.

Deploying Water-Inflated Cofferdams for Bridge Repairs

Planning ahead can make the job easier and quicker before you deploy a water-inflated cofferdam to create a dry and safe work zone. The first step is to figure out how large of a perimeter you need to drain water from, including its width and depth. Dam-It-Dams inflatable cofferdams come in a variety of sizes and can be custom-ordered for any job. After deciding what size dam will work for your needs, steps must be taken to avoid risking damage to the dam. While our dams are made of rigid geotextile materials, they are vulnerable to punctures around sharp materials like nails or tools. Inspecting the deployment site before and after can prevent damage to the dam. Once the dam has been inflated, pumps can drain the perimeter, and work can begin. Once the job has been finished, the inflatable dams can be drained on location and rolled up for storage for their next job. They should be stored out of direct sunlight until they are ready for their next job.

Contact Dam-It-Dams for Your Next Bridge Repair Project

To get a Dam-It-Dams line of water-inflated cofferdams for your next project, call our team at 810-695-1695. Our dams can be custom-ordered or rented to fit any job site. No product on the market blends cost, strength, and environmental concerns better than our line of water-inflated cofferdams for creating dry working zones in marine environments.

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