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Proactive Flood Management: The Role of Inflatable Cofferdams

Proactive Flood Management: The Role of Inflatable Cofferdams

Around the world, 1.8 billion people live in areas at risk of flooding. Floods are some of the most costly and dangerous natural disasters, killing thousands and causing billions of dollars in damages worldwide. With climate change increasing, it is expected that more people will live in flood zones and that floods will continue to grow in frequency and strength. Tools that can mitigate the damage that floods cause to homes, businesses, and infrastructure will soon be more important than ever. Dam-It-Dams line of water-inflated cofferdams provides excellent protection against flood waters at an affordable price. Their ease of deployment, storage, and reusability separates them from more conventional flood barriers like sandbags. Let’s look at floods and how water-inflated cofferdams are great tools for proactive flood management.

Excellent Benefits of Water-Inflated Cofferdams for Flood Protection

Quickly responding is critical to protecting homes, businesses, and infrastructure when a flood strikes. Traditional barriers like sandbags are less than ideal as they require lots of labor and time to implement and are not easily stored. Water-inflated cofferdams can be deployed rapidly, and after the waters have receded, they can be drained and stored away conveniently on site, ready for the next flood. Water-inflated cofferdams are a much more versatile option than other dams, as they can be rented directly from us or custom-ordered to fit any perimeter. They are both durable and eco-friendly as they are built using a geotextile material that is tough on floods and gentle on the environment. The ease of deployment, ease of storage on site, and their reusability make them great options to keep at your disposal when a flood strikes.

Protecting Homes, Businesses, and Infrastructure With Water-Inflated Cofferdams

Dam-It-Dams water-inflated cofferdams are great options for homeowners, business owners, and localities responsible for protecting infrastructure. The first step in properly planning for a flood and adequately protecting an area from flood waters is to figure out what size dam you will need. Our dams can be custom-ordered to any size, and structures, from small cabins to large buildings, can be protected from flooding with our portable cofferdams. Once you have the right-sized dam, preparing the deployment site is the next step. While our dams are built to withstand harsh conditions, steps should be taken to avoid damage to them. Sharp objects like nails or tools should be kept away from the deployment sight, and the inflatable cofferdams should not be unrolled with heavy equipment that could puncture their skin like a forklift. Once unrolled around the perimeter, they can be inflated rapidly with water to form a formidable barrier keeping flood waters back. After the waters recede, the dams can be drained and placed into storage, leaving little to no sign they were ever present at the deployment site. Regular drills and training of people deploying the dams in the event of a flood are critical to ensuring the dams can be deployed quickly and properly when a flood strikes.

Contact Dam-It-Dams for Modern Proactive Flood Management

As flooding has increased its range and evolved, so have the tools needed to hold back its damaging waters. Dam-It-Dams line of water-inflated cofferdams are a powerful, affordable, and practical modern solution to mitigating flood damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure. To get started with renting or purchasing our inflatable cofferdam systems, give us a call at 810-695-1695.

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