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How to Choose the Best Cofferdam Solution for Your Application

How to Choose the Best Cofferdam Solution for Your Application

There are numerous available solutions to the problem of water intrusion which is thwarting the successful completion of a construction project. Getting the site properly dewatered is crucial, and your construction project is not safe to proceed unless you do. It is therefore important that you choose the correct dewatering solution that is ideal for the purpose of the project.

Cofferdams are these days considered to be the most effective means of providing a dewatering solution for a construction project. It is still important though that you choose the best cofferdam that is precisely right for your application.

Choosing An Incorrect Cofferdam Solution For Your Application Will Cost You Time And Money

Numerous types of construction projects have similar aspects, but every project is unique and as such needs to be treated that way. You may have many ideas about how you are going to approach the countless logistics of your project, but if your project requires a dewatering aspect, then you really ought to consider the ramifications of that, and a suitable solution.

The scope of your project is factor number one. Obviously, repairs to a small pedestrian bridge over a stream are completely different compared to repairs on a road traffic bridge over a major waterway. The surrounding area is important too. One of the problems with a construction project is the impact it has on the local environment, especially if you are working where water is an issue. If you disturb an area too greatly then deposits can enter the water and cause problems further on downstream.

To this end, a cofferdam is undoubtedly the best solution to most construction applications. They are quick to deploy and require only minimal levels of manpower hence saving you both time and money. They are also easy to remove once your project has been completed, and they cause minimum impact to the local environment. No matter the scope of your dewatering needs, a cofferdam will provide you with the ideal solution, guaranteed.

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