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Basics for Successful Construction Dewatering

Basics for Successful Construction Dewatering

There are many challenges that any construction project can face. If a construction project is close by or actually within a source of water, then those challenges are significantly increased, and usually many times over. The most effective way to deal with those challenges is with an effective dewatering plan. This is essential not only to keep your workers safe, but also make sure the project has the best chance possible of running smoothly.

Don’t Leave Any Aspect Of Your Construction Project To Chance – Have A Plan In Place

Most of the steps involved in the creation of a basic construction dewatering plan involve making sure that everything is in place before the actual logistics of the construction are considered. This includes making sure all the relevant laws and regulations have been followed, and that all required materials have been assigned and are available.

Naturally, your plan needs primarily to deal with the care and safety of your workforce. All risks need to be assessed and procedures put in place to make sure any hazards have been anticipated, and that people know what they should do should any unfortunate circumstances arise. If necessary, your workforce may need a little extra training, especially if they are unaccustomed to working in areas that have been dewatered.

The dewatering aspect will of course be a major element of the project, and dewatering can only be achieved successfully if you have identified and sourced the most effective tools available.

One final aspect to consider is what happens once the actual construction side of your project has been completed. If the area has been dewatered, then you will need a step in your plan that returns the water to the site, and in a manner that is effective and risk-free. You will also of course need to make sure that all your equipment, waste and residue is removed in line with legal and environmental considerations. Hopefully, if you have made the correct choices, then the environmental impact of your project has been minimal.

Learn How Dam-It-Dams Can Help Your Construction Project End Up As A Successful One

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