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How Cofferdams Can Be An Integral Part of Any Coastal Restoration Project

How Cofferdams Can Be An Integral Part of Any Coastal Restoration Project

Over the past decade or so the United States has seen an increase in the number of extreme weather events hitting coastlines. Whether you are of the opinion that the reasons for climate change are manmade or part of a natural process, shoreline damage threatens both homes and businesses, as well as natural environments.

While it is usually the best policy for the forces of nature to do what they wish to do, many times it is more beneficial for humans to intervene and restore coastal areas after damage by the elements. There are several ways that this can be achieved, but one crucial tool in any coastal restoration project is a water inflated cofferdam.

The Use Of Inflatable Cofferdams In Coastal Protection Or Coastal Restoration Projects

A cofferdam is typically a structure that’s made of rubber, vinyl or a combination of the two or some other type of impenetrable material. Once inflated, a cofferdam forms a sturdy barrier, capable of withstanding the pressure of countless tons of water. A cofferdam has many uses that involve dewatering, damming and water diversion. Some uses include flood control, flood prevention and the creation of dry working environments for construction projects.

The main issue of course when it comes to coastal restoration projects is of the presence of water. It is impossible to deal with coastal restoration if the natural tidal waters are continually bombarding the coast.

Cofferdams are therefore set up to act as a temporary barrier between the coast and the sea or lake or body of water upon which the coastal area sits. Because coastlines are natural habitats it is sometimes not the best move to create a permanent structure to protect the coast at all times. By restoring the coastal area, the natural defenses against the ravages of water combined with other elements are restored. The temporary situating of inflatable cofferdams helps bring about a dry environment in which the coastline can be rebuilt safely and securely.

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