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Inflatable Cofferdams For Dune Stabilization

Inflatable Cofferdams For Dune Stabilization

The extreme weather conditions the globe has been experiencing for the past decade or so have helped contribute to the problem of dune erosion. Dunes are an important part of any coastline as they help preserve nature’s natural eco-system. They also provide important natural protection against the elements for coastal properties.

There are several potential solutions for dune protection and dune stabilization, and the use of inflatable cofferdams for dune stabilization is one such solution, and an extremely effective one too.

Dune Stabilization Is Important In The Preservation Of Natural Coastal Habitats

Dunes do migrate naturally – it is all part of the shifting landscape – but because of the ‘intrusion’ of people, dune migration may be accelerated, and important dunes lost. This is why dune stabilization is so important.

Sand dunes are nature’s protection against high waves and the water surges caused by inclement weather. Sand is deposited over a long period of time, creating natural banks. Beyond those banks nature develops a natural habitat for both flora and fauna. The destabilization of a dune – for whatever reason – may put these natural habitats at risk.

Because of the forces of nature, it’s practically impossible to stop dunes from migrating, but it is possible to stabilize them using any one of a number of available methods. One of the most effective methods for the control of dune stabilization is an inflatable cofferdam from Dam-It-Dams.

Inflatable Cofferdams Are One Of The Best Methods Of Dune Stabilization

When it is decided that it is best for the local area and environment for a failing dune to be stabilized, then a water inflated cofferdam as supplied by Dam-It-Dams becomes an important factor. The dune acts as a barrier, and a water inflated cofferdam can be installed to act as a barrier of protection for the dune itself. Not only does this help prevent the continuation of dune erosion, it also helps to share a dune’s workload in protecting the local environment against high waves and bad weather.

The installation of an inflatable cofferdam is quick and easy. Just place the cofferdam or cofferdams into position and then inflate with a resource that is readily available – water! Should the need for dune stabilization pass, then removing an inflatable cofferdam is just as easy – deflate, roll up and transport!

If you would like to learn more about inflatable cofferdams for dune stabilization, then please contact us here at Dam-It-Dams. We can be called by phone at 1-910-695-1695, or you can contact us through our online contact form.

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