Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Cofferdams for Utility Line Work and Repair

Cofferdams for Utility Line Work and Repair

When it comes time to make repairs to or replace in-ground utility lines, the work must then be done underneath the surface of the ground. It is an anticipated added level of difficulty for such work to not only deal with the lines themselves, but to also get to them through layers of dirt and added water saturation. The job isn’t easy to begin with, then once these factors are added in, the task becomes even more of a daunting experience.

A Dam-It Dams portable cofferdam can be used to dam and divert the water away from the work site and allow workers ease of access to the lines, as well as ensuring their safety from accumulating water levels. It can also be helpful in cases of water lines to identify where the source of a potential leak may be. When the dirt layer is moved aside, the water continues to run to the low-point, i.e. the hole that was dug, unless otherwise diverted and held back.

A cofferdam from Dam-It Dams is so very useful and versatile when it comes to protection and construction projects and our company looks forward to providing our services to you in the future for all your 3-D needs!

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