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Record Breaking Water Related Events Throughout The World

Record Breaking Water Related Events Throughout The World

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Here are Dam-It Dams Cofferdams, we pay attention to all things weather and hydro-logically related.

These are the most accurate record setting numbers available to us, as a vast majority of records set have been recorded post-1880. Any record weather occurrences prior to that time, which may or may not have been of greater note, will have been lost in history. Below is a list based upon the information we have at-hand of record breaking numbers, some astounding, in the world of water related events. One thing is for sure, the weather patterns are getting more destructive, and protecting yourself from dangerous weather is now becoming a much bigger concern.

Highest Storm Surge: in relation to Tropical Cyclone Mahina

Defined as a rising of the sea as a result of atmospheric pressure changes and wind associated with a storm.

Record amount: 42 feet

Date: March 5, 1899

Location: Bathurst Bay, Queensland, Australia

Previous record amount: 40 feet

Previous date: 1867

Previous location: Bay of Bengal

Greatest Rainfall Within 60 Minutes

The accumulated measured amount of rainfall within on hour in an area totaled.

Record amount: 12 inches

Record date: June 22, 1947

Record location: Holt, Missouri, USA

Previous record amount: 10 inches

Previous record date: May 31, 1935

Previous record location: Woodward Ranch, Texas, USA

Highest Tsunami Wave

Tsunami is the name given to the very long waves on the ocean generated by earthquakes or other events which suddenly displace a large volume of water.

Record amount: 520 meters

Record date: July 8, 1958

Record location: Lituya Bay, Alaska, USA

Previous record amount: 42 meters

Previous record date: August 27, 1883

Previous record location: Java, Sumatra, Indonesia

Longest-Lasting Tropical Cyclone: Hurricane John/Typhoon John

Cyclones can last for several weeks out at sea. However, once they make landfall, they may only last a couple of hours typically before being declassified to a depression.

Record amount: 31 days

Record date: Aug 10, 1994 – Sept 10, 1994

Record location: Pacific Ocean

Previous record amount: 27.75 days

Previous record date: Aug 3, 1899 – Sept 2, 1899

Previous record location: Pacific Ocean

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