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Common Uses for a Portable Cofferdam

Common Uses for a Portable Cofferdam

If you have a project where dewatering is required, then a cofferdam is the essential solution. Cofferdams are incredibly useful, reliable, flexible and versatile. If you are commonly involved in projects where dewatering is a requirement and you have not yet used a cofferdam, then you are severely missing out.

Portable cofferdams are perhaps not as recent an invention as you might think and indeed have been around since the 1970s. Thanks to advances in technology, modern portable cofferdams are able to withstand the pressures exerted by large volumes of water. No matter the application, if water is involved and it is a hinderance then a portable cofferdam is the best solution.

The Most Common Uses for a Portable Cofferdam

  • Construction and Repair – Probably the number one use for a portable cofferdam is the use in construction and repair projects that typically involve a source of water. The two most common types of cofferdam usage that fall into this category are bridge repair and boat ramp construction. Both these types of construction project are typically within a source of water, either running or standing. A cofferdam is used to create an enclosure around the bridge or ramp, and then the water is pumped out. This creates a safe and dry working environment so that construction can continue unhindered.
  • Shoreline Restoration and Sediment Control – Shorelines form an important part of our natural geography and while usually it is best to leave nature alone, often a shoreline can add value and protection to urban areas. Failing shorelines can be restored by using cofferdams to keep water at bay for the necessary period of time. Cofferdams are also often used to minimize the amount of sediment from entering a water source.
  • Pool and Water Park Maintenance – Pools and water parks need maintenance and repair from time to time, and closing down a pool or park completely costs too much in terms of revenue. Cofferdams can be used to create areas around parts of a pool or park that need repair, allowing the rest of the pool or park to function normally.

Your Number One Choice for a Portable Cofferdam No Matter the Use – Dam-It-Dams!

If you are new to the use of portable cofferdams, then you are going to want to use the services of an established and reliable company. That is how you describe us here at Dam-It-Dams – we have over 20 years of experience in the supply and installation of our 100 percent reliable water-inflated cofferdams all over the United States.

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