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Protect Your Summer Construction Projects with Portable Cofferdams

Protect Your Summer Construction Projects with Portable Cofferdams

Unless you live in an environment where high temperatures are a problem, summer is perhaps the ideal time to be working on construction projects. Too many construction projects throughout the year are hampered by inclement weather, and construction projects are usually halted for safety reasons if high-speed winds are forecast.

It would be nice if the summer guaranteed perfect weather but that simply is never the case. Blue skies one minute can often be replaced by rainclouds in an instant, bringing heavy bouts of rain that may cause the threat of flooding and other natural perils. Thankfully, with portable cofferdams there is a simple way of protecting your summer construction projects.

Portable Cofferdams Offer the Perfect Level of Protection Against Summer Flooding

No matter how accurate a weather forecast may be, intense levels of rain can cause levels of flooding that are hard to predict. When it comes to the protection of your summer construction projects from flash flooding, you will need a solution that is quick to deploy and will offer 100 percent protection. These are two reasons why portable, water-inflated cofferdams from Dam-It-Dams are ideal for flood protection.

It may seem strange to think about using water to protect something from water, but water-inflated cofferdams are incredibly sturdy. Once flooding is predicted you can just place the cofferdam (or a series of cofferdams as water-inflated cofferdams can be linked together to form a barrier of practically any length imaginable) around your project. Water is then pumped into the cofferdam to cause inflation. Once the water-filled cofferdam is fully inflated it creates a firm barrier, ready to withstand the pressure of any floodwater that may reach it.

The real beauty of using cofferdams to protect your summer construction project is that – as long as the weather is clear – construction can continue even if flooding has occurred. By using a water-inflated cofferdam you will have created a dry working environment in which your crew can continue to labor.

Protect Your Summer Construction Projects with Help from Dam-It-Dams

Here at Dam-It-Dams we have over two decades worth of experience in providing water-inflated cofferdams for constructing projects all over the United States. Our cofferdams are completely reliable, easy to deploy and are kind to the environment. They offer the safest form of protection against flooding that money can buy.

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