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Current Storm Tracking

Current Storm Tracking

In the wake of more recent storms that have developed into strong and deadly hurricanes this 2018 hurricane season, comes Xavier. Xavier is expected to remain at Tropical Storm status until it devolves back to a Tropical Depression late into the night. Tropical Depression winds are less than 39 mph and Tropical Storm winds range the gap to 73 mph. This particular storm is not predicted to strengthen into a hurricane, and will remain southwest of Manzanillo, Mexico.

While hurricane season is winding down, local forecasters remind residents that hurricane season is not over yet; It lasts into the end of November. There have been 21 Atlantic hurricanes formed in the Atlantic Ocean since 1950. The 5 most noted ones are as follows:

Hurricane Kate in 1985- Category 3 hurricane that lasted 8 days in mid-November and making landfall in northern Cuba

Hurricane Lenny in 1999- an Atlantic Category 4 lasting a full 10 days beginning on the 13th

Hurricane Paloma of 2008- Atlantic Category 4 hurricane developed in early November and lasting for 9 days, eventually making landfall in Cuba

Hurricane Ida, 2009- this Category 2 hurricane formed in early November and weakened before making landfall in Alabama with the storm forming and dissipating in 6 days

Hurricane Otto of 2016- most recently and more notable is this Atlantic-to-Pacific crossover, the first successful crossover storm in 20 years, developed in the end of November and became a Category 3 hurricane that made landfall in Nicaragua

Just because it’s the end of hurricane season, does not mean it’s over. Continue to listen to weather updates and heed the advice of officials who call for evacuations in emergency situation. Safety is number one priority.

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