Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Denver, CO

Denver, CO

Location: Denver, CO

Cofferdam Sizes: 8′ high x 100′ long

Water Depth: 5.5′

Installation Time: 4.5 hours per dam

Project Description: Dam-It Dams cofferdams were used to create a dry work site for the contractor to install a new spillway.

River Crossing

Spanning a river above or below water often requires a dry work environment. The length of the span, water depth and flow intensity are key determinants of equipment needed. Dam-It Dams cofferdams are designed to fill that equipment need.

Our cofferdams are expandable to 1,000′ feet or more, can hold back water up to 8′ and withstand tremendous flow pressure because they use their water-filled capability to counteract the opposing flow.

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