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Extending the Life of Your Inflatable Cofferdam: Maintenance and Care Tips

Extending the Life of Your Inflatable Cofferdam: Maintenance and Care Tips

For over 20 years, Dam-It-Dams has been the trusted industry leader in water-filled inflatable cofferdams. Our dams, designed for modern water management in construction, disaster management, and agricultural applications, offer many advantages over traditional dams. These include portability, ease of installation, durability, and reusability. Crafted from environmentally friendly geo-textiles, our inflatable dams boast an impressive lifespan and can be used several times. Following our maintenance guidelines ensures that your investment in our dams is secure and long-lasting.

Portable Cofferdams Built Dam Tough

Dam-It-Dams are built from industrial-strength grade geo-textile materials that withstand incredible pressure and challenging working environments. Our water-filled inflatable cofferdams, a testament to our commitment to durability, use dual innertubes to inflate with water, ensuring an even and steady fill rate. They can be made to various heights and widths and laid out around a perimeter in several shapes. They can be rented and delivered straight to the job site or purchased and reused several times. Once our dam has been removed from a site, there is little to no trace that a dam has ever been present, another exceptional benefit to our systems. With our straightforward maintenance and care instructions, you can confidently extend the lifespan of your inflatable cofferdams, making them the most cost-effective form of water diversion.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Inflatable Cofferdams

The biggest threat to Dam-It-Dams water-filled inflatable cofferdams is the sun. UV rays can degrade the geo-textile material used in their manufacture if exposed to the sun for extended periods. Luckily, this can easily be avoided with proper storage. Dam-It-Dams are portable, and after they have been removed from the job site, they should be stored away from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Covers can be utilized on dams stored outside to prevent the sun’s rays from degrading the geo-textile material. Properly preparing a dam site is another critical factor in ensuring your dam stays in top shape. While our dams are puncture-resistant, the working area should be clear from anything that could puncture the dam’s skin. This includes debris such as glass, nails, or other sharp materials. After a dam is ready to be broken down, it must be washed with freshwater before storage. It is essential to remove any foreign material that has stuck to the dam from the work site. When moving a dam for transportation, avoid using equipment that could puncture the dam, like a skid steer or forklift. If a puncture does occur to the dam, it is important to address it immediately with a patch to prevent the puncture from growing. To summarize, properly caring for your dam requires:

  • Protecting the dam from UV rays
  • Preparing the job site
  • Washing debris off the dam before storing
  • Repairing punctures or tears promptly
  • Transporting the dam carefully

With a little work and proper storage, your inflatable dam will pay for itself with its incredible work lifespan.

Dam-It-Dams: Tough and Reusable

Dam-It-Dams has provided our line of custom-made dams to customers for over two decades, emphasizing reusability. This reusability is what separates our line of water-filled inflatable cofferdams from the competition. By being able to deploy our dams several times, you save money and get the best results. By following these maintenance tips, you can expect several deployments out of your dam system, save money and time on labor, and trust that our dams will work as hard as you do. Call us at (810) 695-1695, email us at sales@damitdams.com, or click here for a free quote to discuss your individual needs in a dam system.

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