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Flood Related Deaths and Flood Protection

Flood Related Deaths and Flood Protection

Flood protection - a cofferdam guarding a building

Floods are considered to be one of the most dangerous weather events we encounter, and the trend of deaths due to floods continues to go up in numbers that are deeply concerning.

Though a good number of the deaths are directly related to unavoidable circumstances in the event of flooding, there is a notable amount that could be avoided. In many situations, people are attempting to escape rising water levels by driving through flooded roadways and getting trapped in currents that are moving quicker than anticipated. If there is moving water at all, no matter how slow it appears to be, it’s advised to avoid moving through that water at all costs. In 2018 so far, 66 people have died in U.S. Floods alone, with more than 50 of those deaths in vehicles.

Over the last 30 years, an average of 86 deaths related to flooding has been recorded, but over the last ten years, that number has risen to an average of 95, with the last three years bringing the average of 100 people. That is an astounding increase!

The years and the average number of deaths within those years are as follows:

1988-1992 76 deaths

1993-1997 105 deaths

1998-2002 68 deaths

2003-2007 75 deaths

2008-2012 77 deaths

2013-2017 114 deaths

It is anticipated that the trend of increasing deaths is going to continue to climb as climate change increases the risk of heavy rainfall, therefore the threat of flash floods, standard flooding, mudslides, and other related events are likely to occur. Climate changes increase the risk of the number of days with extremely heavy precipitation to climb one to two percent every decade going forward.

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