Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Wildfire Emergency Solutions Using Cofferdams

Wildfire Emergency Solutions Using Cofferdams

For all the many uses of water prevention cofferdams, why couldn’t it be used for purposes of drought or even fire? What if cofferdams could be used as a water preserver instead of just a block? The versatility of the portable and temporary cofferdam offered by Dam-It Dams is more than enough for most tasks-at-hand, possibly including this one.

Other companies offering similar products have had good success utilizing this possibility. In theory, since the cofferdam was designed with having a water-tight seal in mind, this could definitely be a good alternative use! Why limit the use of this product to just holding back water when it could be used for holding in water for future use?

During periods of drought in high-risk areas, wildfires have been known to be ignited simply from the dryness and the heat mixing together; Once the dry vegetation (which serves as fuel) reaches a certain temperature, that ideal combination can cause an ignition. There are areas that are more inclined to these conditions, particularly in California. You can, if you are in California, find a map or list of fire hazard zones and the severity of the risk, though it has been said that no matter where you live in California, you are at risk of wildfires. Also note that the maps and lists do not take into account vulnerabilities, like how tightly the houses or buildings are spaced, which is a fact that has to be taken into account, as buildings serves as fuel to the fire.

The idea of losing everything, and possibly someone, that you love to a fire is terrifying. Think about it this way: During wildfire season in extremely high-risk areas or during emergency wildfire situations, having this simple and cost-effective supply at your disposal could make all the difference when it comes to protecting your property and family. Having a reserve of water all your own available to help prevent the fire from reaching your space and overtaking it. It seems to be a more efficient and so much faster to have a reserve available to protect and prevent the spread than to wait for emergency crews, which are already overwhelmed by the needs that must be met.

By deploying the Dam-It Dams portable cofferdam in a secure and convenient location, then filling it with water, either atop a tarp (allowing it to be released or dispersed in a carefully plotted manner) or not (allowing it to seep into the ground, keeping vegetation hydrated and making it harder to catch fire and continue the burn), this product can serve yet another purpose in protecting yourself, but in a different extreme.

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