Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Reducing Your Footprint While Doing 3-D Projects

Reducing Your Footprint While Doing 3-D Projects

In today’s day and age, environmental awareness and protection is a hot topic and key concern to the population as a whole. Environmental regulations in construction and industry continue to be set in order to make the products offered and the procedures followed more environmentally-conscientious. Environmentally friendly solutions in construction can always be achieved and we’d like to provide you with a few pointers to get your project set in the right direction.

Do Not Disturb!

Do your best to not disturb the natural resources around you on the work site. Things like water, plant life, earth, even bugs can be and oftentimes are key components to the surroundings, the appeal, and even flow of the Eco-system and how it functions. Find ways around destroying these elements and if all else fails, temporarily moving obstructions and replacing them upon completion of the project can be the preferred route to take. Our cofferdams can be laid on top of varying terrains safely, as the material they’re made of is a hearty and sturdy puncture-resistant geo-textile material.

Go Green!

Finding products that are specifically designed to be a “Green” product (environmentally friendly) is always preferable whenever possible. Our cofferdam was designed in much the same way. Very little impact on the earth is left, if any at all, by our temporary, portable, re-usable cofferdam. It is expandable, strong, and uses the natural resources in the are being de-watered, dammed, or diverted by filling the inner tubing with the water to expand it and emptying the tubes to collapse it for storage.

Energy Efficiency!

Attempt to find energy efficient resources and alternatives in each project. Using Energy Star rated products is always preferable for the bottom line and the environment. Older tools and appliances will not have as highly rated Energy Star efficiencies, if it’s rated at all. Battery operated tools and LED bulbs are two examples that will provide that needed efficacy. Also, reusable products, like the cofferdam offered by Dam-It Dams, are examples of energy efficiency as it can be stored and used fr future projects.

Less Means More!

Find ways to minimize your waste output and consider recycling whenever possible. By making these small changes and finding recycled and reusable products to use as alternatives to standard single-use items, you’ll find that the amount of waste produced is minimized.

These principles can be applied to everyday life, but especially to project management. With all the bottom line increasing products on the market these days, why not Go Green? Exploring options that reduce your footprint AND are environmentally friendly will help you finalize your diversion/de-watering/damming project with superior quality and minimal impact on schedule!

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