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How Cofferdams Can Speed Up Construction Projects

How Cofferdams Can Speed Up Construction Projects

As the old adage goes, ‘time is money’. This is especially true in the construction industry. If you go beyond your ‘time for completion’ estimate, you will also go over budget. That is why you need to work incredibly hard to keep within your estimated timeframes and bring your project to completion within that time. This though is easier said than done. Construction projects are notoriously complicated with countless factors involved. Management is a tough ask, and time management is even tougher.

If your construction project is near or even within a source of water, then time management is even more complicated.

You Can Speed Up Your Construction Project by Investing in Water-Inflated Cofferdams

The typical solution used by construction companies when working in or close to a source of water is sandbags. The use of sandbags though is not an efficient use of time. Sandbags arrive empty, so they have to be filled. Once filled, they then need to be transported to where they are required which takes time and energy (as sandbags are heavy). As a large number of sandbags are typically needed, this can take an excessive amount of time.

Once they have been used, sandbags become hazardous materials as they have likely become contaminated as a result of their proximity to water. They simply cannot be emptied and then stored. They have to be removed and disposed of in a manner that is in line with safety regulations.

Compare this to a cofferdam. Cofferdams are light and easy to transport. They can easily be anchored into position and then inflated using a resource that is already present – water!

When their use has been completed, cofferdams can be deflated by pumping the water out of them and returning it to its source. Once cleaned, the cofferdam can be rolled up, transported away and placed into storage.

Another money saving and time saving aspect of cofferdams – they can be used multiple times! This is great for the environment too!

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