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Why Dam-It-Dams Inflatable Cofferdams are Superior

Why Dam-It-Dams Inflatable Cofferdams are Superior

Owners with a need for water control may be surprised to learn that the answer is to add more water, but that is exactly how the inflatable cofferdams from Dam-It-Dams provide solutions for diverting water from a space on their property or de-watering a project site.

Innovative inflatable cofferdams adapt to any environment and can be fit to any area. The topography, landscape, and weather are nonfactors for Dam-It-Dams temporary cofferdams. Their industrial strength materials withstand tremendous pressure while also resisting punctures to provide a reliable solution for any length of time.

More Than One Time Usage

Inflatable cofferdams from Dam-It-Dams can be reused as many times as necessary. Whether they need to be moved on the same property for an extended project or relocated to another site entirely, a big advantage of inflatable cofferdams is their versatility.

The adaptability of inflatable cofferdams means an affordable, flexible, and environmentally friendly means of redirecting or damming water. The water used to fill the inflatable cofferdams also makes for a convenient method of maintaining the dams’ effectiveness.

Using water that is already on site—as opposed to other dams that require being constantly filled with earthen material—allows for much less impact on the landscape and existing land.

The Versatility is Limitless with Inflatable Cofferdams from Dam-It-Dams

Not only are Dam-It-Dams’ inflatable cofferdams flexible, but their easy and quick installation means they are perfect in a pinch. When property owners or site managers have a water emergency and need to redirect water ASAP, inflatable cofferdams are available immediately.

Using a prefabricated product that is also fully installed onsite is a convenient combination that meets every single demand.

Dam-It-Dams Feature an Inventive and Cutting-Edge Technology

Inflatable cofferdams are more than just a large balloon filled with water. Thanks to an expandable system, each cofferdam can be safely and securely linked to as many dams as are necessary for the job. Unlimited length using the connection collar system makes for the most flexible damming solution available.

When water is rising quickly or you need to access a submerged area, the inflatable cofferdams from Dam-It-Dams are your best quick fix for any need. The strong and stable cylindrical barrier created by inflatable cofferdams provide control across any landscape.

To learn more about how Dam-It-Dams’ inflatable cofferdams can serve your site needs, call Dam-It-Dams at 810-695-1695 or get in touch online today!

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