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How Does Dam-It Dams Provide the Best Inflatable Cofferdams on the Market?

How Does Dam-It Dams Provide the Best Inflatable Cofferdams on the Market?

Dam-It Dams uses on-site water to fill dual inner tubes that cause the dam’s chambers to slowly and evenly inflate, forming a strong, stable cylindrical tube. As the inner tubes continue to fill and the water pressure builds, the dam unrolls in a controlled manner to create the barrier needed. The patented, water-filled portable cofferdams offer effective and cost-efficient solutions for these major types of situations that are the 3-Ds of water control: Dewatering, Diversion, and Damming. Those needing water control may be surprised to learn that Dam-It Dams provide the industry’s leading solutions for diverting water from a defined area or de-watering an entire project site.

Key Benefits of Dam-It-Dams Inflatable Cofferdams

Fast and effective

The strong and stable cylindrical barrier created by inflatable cofferdams provides control across any landscape. The water used to fill the inflatable cofferdams also makes for a convenient method of maintaining the dams’ effectiveness.


Inflatable cofferdams from Dam-It-Dams can be reused as many times as necessary. Whether they need to be moved on the same property for an extended project or relocated to another site entirely, an advantage of inflatable cofferdams is their versatility.

Environmentally- and eco-friendly

Dam-It Dams developed an environmentally friendly method to manage water using a patented water-barrier cofferdam system to protect precious natural resources and the Clean Water Act. Using water already on site, as opposed to other dams that require being constantly filled with earthen material, allows for much less impact on the landscape and existing land. Once removed from the work site, there are minimal traces of its existence, if any, and there are no structurally aesthetic changes to be seen/tolerated.


Dam-It Dams’ water-inflated cofferdams are made of lightweight, industrial-strength, geotextile materials that can withstand tremendous water pressure and are puncture-resistant. Because of the lightweight material used to create our cofferdams and the simple usability of the product, it is easy to store in addition to moving from site to site.

Versatility, adaptability, and expandability

Innovative inflatable cofferdams adapt to virtually every type of landscape and weather condition, making them ideal for countless uses. The topography, landscape, and weather are nonfactors for Dam-It Dams’ temporary cofferdams. Not only are Dam-It Dams’ inflatable cofferdams flexible, but their rapid installation means they are perfect in a pinch! The water-inflated cofferdams are expandable and can be linked, as needed, to form any length barrier with heights of 1′ to 12′ and widths of 2′ to 23′.


Dam-It Dams is one of only a few manufacturers in the world that manufactures, transports, and installs portable cofferdams in a wide range of sizes to accommodate any project manager’s needs. Dam-It Dams also has a wide array of inflatable cofferdams ready to deploy rapidly. When the water rises quickly or you need to access a submerged area, the inflatable cofferdams from Dam-It Dams are your best quick fix for any need! You can contact our company for purchase or rental in cases of emergency or pre-planned projects.

Cutting-edge innovation and technology

Inflatable cofferdams are more than just a giant balloon filled with water. Thanks to an expandable connection collar system, each cofferdam can be safely and securely linked to as many dams as are necessary for the job. Unlimited length using the connection collar system makes for the most flexible damming solution.

Reach Out to Dam-It-Dams for More Information On Our Industry Leading Inflatable Cofferdams

As the Midwest’s largest manufacturer of water-filled temporary cofferdams, the water control professionals at Dam-It Dams are here to help you! If you have any questions or need additional information about the manufacturing process or installation of portable cofferdams, please contact us at (248) 755-7383 or get a free cofferdam quote online.

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