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Prepare for Hurricane Season with Inflatable Cofferdams

Prepare for Hurricane Season with Inflatable Cofferdams

Hurricane season runs from June through November every year. The U.S. seems to be the target of many of these destructive storms. As you might know, Florida, the Gulf Coast, and the East Coast are the most susceptible to seeing the damage that one of these storms can inflict. It is reported that up to 40% of the named hurricanes hit somewhere along the Florida coast every year! We cannot put the brakes on Mother Nature. We must instead prepare ourselves to have the tools necessary to prevent the effects of storms. Aside from wind damage, the next most significant threat is widespread flooding. Luckily, there are things you can do now to prepare for the stormy season and protect your most crucial investment… your home.

Hurricane and Storm Preparedness

First and foremost, you must protect yourselves. Ensure you have plenty of emergency supplies, first aid, non-perishable foods, candles/lighting, extra batteries, etc. Once the supplies are on hand, creating a disaster plan with your family and friends is also a good idea. This ensures that people check in on each other and account for some of the less-abled (elderly relatives, neighbors, and friends, as well as accounting for any family pets).

Once supplies are on hand and a plan is in place, it’s a good idea to make preparations to protect your assets (your car(s), your home, and all its contents). Both hurricanes and large-scale rainstorms bring heavy flooding potential. Many people think to turn to sandbags to protect their property from flood risks. There is, however, a more straightforward, more eco-friendly solution to flood control… inflatable cofferdams.

Inflatable Cofferdams Explained

An inflatable cofferdam is a giant tube/bladder that can be strategically and precisely positioned and used nearby water sources to fill (i.e., a swimming pool, pond, or lake). Once filled, the weight of the water holds the dam in place and can stand up to tons of weight bearing against it. Once the threat of disaster has passed, the cofferdams can be drained, rolled up, and stored for future use.

Benefits of Inflatable Cofferdams for Flood Control

  • Ease of use: Inflatable cofferdams can be set up with as few as two people and with minimal use of any special equipment.
  • Rapid deployment: Inflatable cofferdams can be placed around a perimeter line and have water filling them up in very little time (much less time than it would take to fill and place sandbags around a dwelling manually).
  • Portability: With the ability to be folded and rolled up, an inflatable cofferdam can easily be moved from the deployment site to storage. When rolled up, inflatable cofferdams also require minimal storage space. This allows the cofferdams to be stored in smaller, residential areas, such as a storage shed.
  • Versatility: Inflatable cofferdams are built using industrial-grade vinyl and are therefore able to withstand area vegetation (plants, bushes, small trees), the force of the water itself, and any debris that may be floating in or around the cofferdam.
  • Eco-friendly: Because inflatable cofferdams are filled with locally sourced water and sit on top of the ground level, there is no disruption to the terrain (such as digging for sand to fill sandbags). As mentioned too, inflatable cofferdams are completely reusable time and time again, meaning that they are saving the planet while protecting your investments and finances at the same time!

The forces of nature cannot be stopped and, when at their strongest, can leave a path of destruction that can take years to restore and costs communities millions of dollars. Be wise and spend the money to prepare and protect using the most muscular flood containment system. Contact the professional floodwater containment specialists at Dam-It Dams at (810) 695-1695. Let our specialists give you an estimate and help you protect your most significant investment for many years to come!

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