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How Inflatable Cofferdams Can Protect Against Flooding

How Inflatable Cofferdams Can Protect Against Flooding

When the weather becomes extreme, the measures taken to protect against some of the unfortunate consequences of terrible weather have to become extreme too. Business owners who operate in areas that are prone to flooding, or who are reacting to a flood warning usually prepare themselves by having plenty of sandbags on standby.

There is though, a better way of how business owners can protect against flooding, and a more environmentally friendly and reliable way too. Here you will learn how inflatable cofferdams can protect against flooding, and in an invaluable way when it comes to the important protection of local businesses.

Learn How Inflatable Cofferdams Can Protect Against Flooding, Protecting Your Business

There is nothing that complicated about an inflatable cofferdam, just as there is nothing complicated about a dam itself. A dam is just some type of intervention that prevents the flow of water. An inflatable cofferdam doesn’t just intervene when it comes to the flow of water, it uses some of the water as an inflation resource!

An inflatable cofferdam is inflated by having enough water pumped into it to stabilize it. Once fully inflated, the cofferdam creates a sturdy and reliable barrier. More and more businesses are turning to inflatable cofferdams as an alternative to sandbags because of all the advantages they give.

For a start, it is much easier to install an inflatable cofferdam than sandbags. Sandbags arrive empty, so you will also need to source the sand to fill them. Filling them and then placing them requires immense amounts of labor. Of course, once their need is over with, they need to be disposed of, and in line with legal environmental guidelines.

Inflatable cofferdams are quick to install and easy to remove. If handled with care, they are fit to be reused time and time again, unlike sandbags which have a ‘one time only’ lifespan.

To Benefit from Flood Protection with Inflatable Cofferdams, Contact Dam-It-Dams

Water can be a highly destructive force if left to ‘roam free’. Both property damage and water contamination can cost businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even if you are insured against flood damage, there is still the disruption and loss of revenue while your business gets itself back on its feet.

Inflatable cofferdams can protect against flooding, and we here at Dam-It-Dams can supply you with inflatable cofferdams that are supremely resilient and effective. To learn more, contact us at 810-695-1695, or online through our contact form located here.

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