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4 Reasons to Choose Inflatable Cofferdams

4 Reasons to Choose Inflatable Cofferdams

When it comes to dewatering a worksite, there are several solutions that can get the job done. With a handful of options, knowing which to choose can sometimes leave project managers and property owners scratching their heads as to the right choice for their specific application.

Does this sound familiar? Several factors should be considered when deciding how to manage a construction site, guard against flooding, or cleanup after a spill. Especially when it comes to construction projects that require control of onsite or nearby water, there is one solution that rises above the others.

Using inflatable cofferdams when building new construction or making repairs to existing structures provides several benefits over other methods of meeting this need. It may seem counterintuitive that solving a water problem is best fixed with adding more water. So, why would this be the case?

The Ecological and Economical Solution

Water-filled cofferdams are the best solution for a variety of projects with dewatering needs. When a site requires either a diversion or damming of water, inflatable cofferdams conform to nearly every type of landscape without causing damage or being limited by weather conditions.

The combination of flexibility with the industrial strength of the geo-textile material makes an inflatable cofferdam both extremely durable and adaptable for any application. From laying pipelines to installing boat ramps or bridges, inflatable cofferdams leave minimal impact on the natural landscape—both while in use and after the job has wrapped.

Make Haste with a Mobile Means of Dewatering

In addition to their portability, inflatable cofferdams also ease the burden of dewatering by using what is already available on site. Rather than hauling material in, an inflatable cofferdam can be filled with water from the same source being diverted.

These features of inflatable cofferdams make them more affordable and more environmentally friendly than alternative methods of creating a dry site necessary for construction. Along with the ability to be installed quicker and with less manpower than other means, inflatable cofferdams are the best option for everyone involved with the project.

The fast installation and the ability to be easily moved from one area of the worksite to another with minimal effort are more ways inflatable cofferdams prove to be the lowest maintenance option.

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