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How to Keep Your Crew Safe During Bridge Construction

How to Keep Your Crew Safe During Bridge Construction

When a bridge has fallen into disrepair or is damaged due to an accident, extreme weather event or a natural disaster, workers step in immediately to secure the structure and eventually demolish, repair, or rebuild it. Unfortunately, many of these workers end up injured. According to data from The Federal Highway Administration, one work zone injury happens every 14 minutes (over 102 per day). That translates to approximately four people injured every hour. These brave and selfless workers, including divers, equipment operators, bridge inspectors and maintenance and construction workers, must be kept safe on compromised bridge sites.

Bridge Repair Safety Measures

Bridge repair often presents some of the most unique and difficult challenges of most any construction project. Keeping workers safe on bridge repair projects takes the right tools and planning. Given that much of the work often must be done on components that are submerged in water, one of the early decisions contractors must make is how to create a safe and dry work area. There are many safety measures and specialized equipment that can help keep workers safe while doing bridge repair, but the top considerations can help prevent bridge repair related injuries and accidental deaths. While there are several options available for dewatering a work site, there is one that rises above the others – inflatable cofferdams.

Lower Costs and Quicker Installation

Installing an inflatable cofferdam provides a unique and temporary solution for granting access below the waterline to make repairs. Typically, other types of cofferdams require penetrating the ground and installing several different materials. However, an inflatable cofferdam is easily installed and removed quickly without the need for disturbing the existing environment, providing temporary and affordable access to areas that are otherwise submerged for the length of the bridge repair. This effective seal around the worksite can be installed on virtually any type of lake or riverbed.

An Environmentally Conscious Investment

Rather than using earthen materials by unsettling the existing environment or paying for them to be shipped in from offsite, inflatable cofferdams offset both requirements by using water as the fill material, which is readily available at the site already. The water is returned when the project is complete, and the inflatable cofferdam can be quickly removed with nearly zero impact. The seemingly difficult hurdle of repairing bridges that require concrete work or welding on parts currently underwater is easily cleared thanks to an inflatable cofferdam from a provider like Dam-It-Dams. The ease of installation and removal does not in any way negate the effectiveness of an inflatable cofferdam thanks to the nearly puncture-proof geo-textile material of an inflatable cofferdam. The ability to be stored using minimal space and reused multiple times over for different types of jobs across different sites also make inflatable cofferdams a great choice for bridge repair.

Inflatable Cofferdams are Ideal for Bridge Maintenance

There are many solutions when it comes to bridge repair and maintenance, including working underwater. However, the best results come from using the best practices and top-notch equipment. Inflatable cofferdams are commonplace in projects relating to the construction and repair of bridges and dams. They act as a barrier that allows crews to pump out water from the worksite and build piers, bridges, and platforms over or within the water.

When it comes to bridge or road construction, the use of a cofferdam is undeniable, and a portable cofferdam from Dam-It-Dams is the ideal solution to provide you with an effective tool to get your job done right and safely for blocking or diverting water and/or dewatering an area. Find out how you can provide access below the waterline for your bridge repair crews with an inflatable cofferdam by calling Dam-It Dams at (810) 695-1695 or request a quote online today!

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