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How Water Inflated Cofferdams Speed Up Construction

How Water Inflated Cofferdams Speed Up Construction

General contractors, business owners, and financiers all understand the need for speed when it comes to efficient construction. While not sacrificing quality or leaving loose ends untied, the ability to complete a quality job in a timelier fashion means moving on to other opportunities and keeping crews working rather than waiting.

One of the biggest issues on job sites near water—or even a space that typically sits under water—is directing and diverting water away from the area in order to keep the site dry enough for completing the job as quickly as possible.

Understanding the need to manage time as one of the greatest resources to be stewarded—along with the difficulties that come with working in a wet area—companies like Dam-It-Dams provide the perfect solution for speeding up your next project.

The Easiest and Quickest Solution for Keeping the Jobsite Dry – Inflatable Cofferdams

A classic way to keep sites near water dry is through the use of sandbags. While sandbags can be somewhat effective, they also lead to high costs and longer construction schedules.

These delays and manhours have to be made up somewhere—either they are passed along to the general contractor from the provider, or it costs the GC more in paying workers to fill and install the sandbags themselves.

Inflatable cofferdams provide a solution that is much more turnkey and all around easier than sandbags. Setup is painless with inflatable cofferdams.

Rather than importing earthen material from offsite or devastating the existing landscape to divert water, inflatable cofferdams are filled with water that is already onsite. Thanks to the strong but lightweight material, inflatable cofferdams are installed and removed quickly.

Common Needs for Inflatable Cofferdams that Increase Job Speed

Typical applications for inflatable cofferdams include bridge repair and construction, environmental remediation, pipeline installation, sewage treatment plants and many others. A site requiring any level of water control or containment can count on inflatable cofferdams as the most efficient solution available.

Inflatable cofferdams from Dam-It-Dams also provide for quicker completion of construction projects due to their portability. Inflatable cofferdams can be removed and reinstalled on the same job site much more easily than any other solution.

Avoiding delays, cost-causing overruns, and wasted man-hours is possible with a temporary inflatable cofferdam from Dam-It-Dams. Call Dam-It-Dams at 810-695-1695 to learn more or click over to our online contact form for a free quote today!

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