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Inflated Cofferdams Offer Superior Spill Control

Inflated Cofferdams Offer Superior Spill Control

One of the biggest hassles and potential causes of lost profits on any project is an unforeseen spill. There are different consequences depending on the type of spill. A simple spill may be smaller, more confined, and create minimal hazards. However, a complicated spill is a different story altogether.

While the goal is to avoid any spill, along with the cost of extra man hours and lost productivity, a complicated spill is just that—complicated. Not knowing the type of a spilled substance or the threat it may pose while unable to contain the rapidly spreading spill makes for a complex situation.

Fortunately for owners and site managers there is a simple solution to fend off the potential for uncontained spills altogether.

Projects Near Water Mean Potential Threats to Water

Projects that involve the need for diverting water or de-watering a job site entirely are also at high risk of allowing spills to enter nearby waterways. The probability of a spill entering an adjacent body of water creates a big need for the right barrier.

An inflated cofferdam from Dam-It-Dams is an easy to install and effective blockade against materials extending beyond the perimeter of the site or a smaller section within. Environmental protections and regulations are getting tighter all the time—and for good reason!

Therefore, being set up for success from the beginning of the project is key to dodging costly fines or spending extra time and money cleaning up an uncontained spill when you could otherwise be moving on to the next job.

Effective Protect Against Contaminations for the Long Haul

The inflated cofferdams from Dam-It-Dams feature an industrial strength geo-textile material able to withstand immense pressure and are also resistant to puncture. Thanks to their design and durability, inflated cofferdams offer a solution that lasts no matter the length of the project.

Inflated cofferdams provide peace of mind that the nearby environment is well protected from potential contaminants. These environmentally friendly barriers also leave minimal traces and impact on the landscape overall.

Protecting the environment adjacent to your site and being responsible in minimizing your financial liability are both accomplished when choosing inflated cofferdams for your next project.

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