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Improve Pool Maintenance and Repair with Inflatable Cofferdams

Improve Pool Maintenance and Repair with Inflatable Cofferdams

There is nothing like a dip in the pool during a warm day, or a trip to your nearest public swimming facility. Unfortunately, you can never guarantee a completely warm and dry day in most areas of the US, so many days pass by when your pool is not being used. Whether you are the owner of a small private pool, or you run a large swimming or water park facility, maintenance of your pool or pools is extremely important.

Closing a Large, Public Pool for Maintenance is Inconvenient and Costs You Money

All pools need maintenance. From cracked tiles to leaks to cracks in the bottom surface, a pool can fall foul of all kinds of damage for which maintenance is required. The cost of hiring out your pool or the charges you make to enable people to use it will cover your maintenance bills … but what if your pool needs to be drained completely for an effective repair to be done to it? Swimming pools are great, but they are significantly less attractive if they have no water in them!

There is an alternative to closing your entire pool when maintenance is required, and it’s one that will save you a significant amount of money. You just use an inflatable cofferdam to create a barrier around the area that is being repaired. Once the inflatable cofferdam has been placed into position you can inflate it by pumping in the pool water that is already present.

Once inflated, the cofferdam creates a sturdy barrier within the pool. You can then pump the water out of the area enclosed by the cofferdam until you have created a dry area that is safe to work in. Once the maintenance job has been completed you can drain the water out from the cofferdam, and once deflated remove it. The repair has been completed and your pool has partially remained open!

Need an Inflatable Cofferdam to Help with Pool Maintenance? Contact Dam-It-Dams!

Here at Dam-It-Dams we can supply you with an inflatable cofferdam of practically any shape, size and configuration. Why close down your entire pool when you don’t have to? Instead, use a Dam-It-Dams cofferdam to isolate the area where the repair is needed, and allow the rest of the pool to remain open.

To learn more about how Dam-It-Dams can solve your pool maintenance needs, contact us at 1-810-695-1695, or contact us by email using our online form.

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