Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Inflatable Cofferdams for Boat Ramp Construction

Inflatable Cofferdams for Boat Ramp Construction

The normal home for a boat is, of course, in the water. This means when it comes to the construction of a boat ramp water will be present. This also means that you will need a way of removing the water from the construction site as building a boat ramp in water is both impractical and dangerous. Inflatable cofferdams for boat ramp construction offer you the best solution possible.

If you need to repair a boat ramp or construct a boat ramp from scratch, then an inflatable cofferdam as provided to you by the dewatering experts at Dam-It-Dams will allow your work crew to complete the work swiftly, and effectively.

Your Only Choice To Help With Boat Ramp Construction – An Inflatable Cofferdam

You may have not as yet genuinely considered an inflatable cofferdam as the solution to your dewatering requirements. You may only have considered the option of building a temporary enclosure from, for example, concrete or steel. An inflatable cofferdam though is a much more effective solution, and for all the following reasons:

·      Portable

Getting the inflatable cofferdam to your boat ramp construction project is a simple, logistical exercise. It can then be lowered into place and inflated by having water (already on site of course!) pumped into it.

·      Durable

All inflatable cofferdams are made from geo-textile materials that are the ultimate in durability. Our cofferdams are built to withstand even extremely high levels of water pressure, and as such will never let you down.

·      Adaptable

How long is an inflatable cofferdam? As long as you want it to be! With our unique connection collar system several cofferdams can be linked together to create a cofferdam of any length as required.

·      Affordable

Because they are reusable, inflatable cofferdams can be used time and time again which means they are extremely cost-effective. If, however, you feel your need for an inflatable cofferdam is ‘one time only’ then you can rent a cofferdam from Dam-It-Dams instead of buying one!

Inflatable Cofferdams Are The Ideal Solution For Boat Ramp Construction Dewatering Issues

If you want your business to run efficiently, then you need to use the most efficient tools available to you. There is no doubt that inflatable cofferdams are the best and most efficient solution when it comes to dewatering for a boat ramp construction project.

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