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How Inflatable Cofferdams Can Aid with Swimming Pool Repair

How Inflatable Cofferdams Can Aid with Swimming Pool Repair

Swimming pool maintenance is of course extremely important. If you have a small home pool then it’s usually just a case of draining the pool so that maintenance can be performed. What about large public facilities or even water parks? These types of pools have millions of gallons of water, meaning that draining not only takes a huge amount of time, it also can be extremely costly.

Happily, there is a simpler and much more cost-effective solution – the application of an inflatable cofferdam as supplied by the experts at Dam-It-Dams.

Using An Inflatable Cofferdam Means You Do Not Have To Drain Your Pool Entirely

Instead of draining a large swimming pool, an inflatable cofferdam can be placed into position to create a section around any area that is in need of a repair. The water in that area can then be removed to create the necessary dry environment so that your repair crew can work safely.

Inflatable cofferdams are not inflated by air, but by water itself. This is the solution to another ‘problem’ – getting the water needed to inflate the cofferdam as the water of course is already present in the swimming pool itself!

Of course, one of the biggest problems with a large-scale swimming pool is if you are considering draining it completely, you will need somewhere to put the water while the pool is empty. It is hardly convenient to let the entire contents of your pool drain away, and once the repairs are complete you will need to fill it once again. Using an inflatable cofferdam helps significantly with water conservation.

You May Not Need To Close Your Pool While Maintenance Is Ongoing With A Cofferdam

Naturally, people will not flock to your swimming pool if there is no water in it! If you drain your pool completely then you will be losing revenue as it cannot be used. If you choose to use an inflatable cofferdam instead then you may be able to keep areas of the pool open, meaning you will not lose a significant amount of revenue.

If you want to talk about how inflatable cofferdams can aid with swimming pool repair, then the people you need to be talking to are right here at Dam-It-Dams. You can call us at any time that is convenient to you at 1-810-695-1695, or you can contact us online through our contact form.

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