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How Inflatable Cofferdams Can Prevent Erosion on Construction Projects

How Inflatable Cofferdams Can Prevent Erosion on Construction Projects

Topsoil erosion may not currently be one of your primary concerns, but maybe it should be, especially if you own a company that is typically involved in construction projects which are situated close to sources of water. According to statistics issued by the WWF, almost fifty percent of all the topsoil on our planet has eroded away since the 1870s. Topsoil typically erodes away into the ocean, at which point it cannot be easily recovered.

Again, you may think that this is something that you need not worry about, but you would be wrong. Topsoil is key to our planet’s survival. It contains the highest concentration of microorganisms and nutrients that plant life needs to flourish. If all topsoil erodes then plant life would find it impossible to continue, and with no plant life to feed animals and to create oxygen, human life would be placed under threat.

You Need To Take Topsoil Erosion Seriously If You’re Involved In Construction Projects

If your company is adding to the problems of topsoil erosion, then it is your responsibility to take steps to deal with it, and one of the best ways of preventing soil erosion around construction projects is the use of an inflatable cofferdam.

Many typical water intrusion solutions actually add to the problem of topsoil erosion as opposed to helping deal with it. The traditional solution for water intrusion issues has always been the construction of some type of temporary structure, usually manufactured from concrete or steel.

This becomes a construction project in itself, and while the structure is being constructed, the topsoil is disturbed and filters away into nearby water sources. When the construction project is complete the removal of the temporary barrier disturbs the topsoil for a second time, creating more problems.

There Are Countless Benefits To Using Inflatable Cofferdams As Opposed To Traditional Solutions

As opposed to traditional solutions, the best solution to water intrusion issues for a construction project is the use of an inflatable cofferdam. Inflatable cofferdams can simply be placed with the minimum of disruption to the pre-construction site. Once inflated, they serve as an impenetrable barrier to water and once their use is complete, they can be de-inflated and removed, again with the minimum of disruption.

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