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Why Choose Inflatable Water Dams from Dam-It-Dams?

Why Choose Inflatable Water Dams from Dam-It-Dams?

If you own or run a company in the construction industry, then you may on occasion run into issues with water intrusion. Perhaps you are working on a construction project that is close to a source of water, or actually in water such as bridge building or repair.

If this is the case, then you probably have researched the ways in which you can solve your water intrusion issues. If so, you may have found out about, or already know about inflatable water dams, and now you have obviously found your way onto our site. You are probably asking the question: Why choose inflatable water dams from Dam-It-Dams?

Indeed – Why Choose Inflatable Water Dams from Dam-It-Dams?

First and foremost, the number one reason you should choose inflatable water dams from Dam-It-Dams is that they are reusable. This not only makes them extremely cost effective; it means they are kinder to the environment than other, more traditional solutions to the issues associated with water intrusion at construction sites.

For example, to clear your site of water you may have in the past constructed some type of barrier – perhaps from concrete or steel. Not only are such products expensive and time-consuming, they only have a single-time use and once the construction project has been completed, they have to be removed creating further costs and wasting more time (equating to more man hours).

An inflatable cofferdam is so easy to install you’d wish you had been using inflatable water dams from Dam-It-Dams for years. You simply put your inflatable cofferdam into position then inflate using the water that is already obviously in abundance! When your project is over you allow the water to escape, then remove the cofferdam from your site.

Transportation is simple and therefore cost effective as well. If you typically use sandbags to create a water-resistant barrier then you will already be aware of the cost and time it takes to place dozens if not hundreds of sandbags into position. There’s no pain when it comes to an inflatable water dam!

It is a no-brainer – Choose Inflatable Water Dams from Dam-It-Dams

You should have been convinced by now that the use of inflatable water dams from Dam-It-Dams is the best, most economical and most environmentally friendly way of dealing with water intrusion issues when it comes to construction. To order or rent your inflatable water dam from Dam-It-Dams or to make further inquiries, contact us here at Dam-It-Dams at 1-810-695-1695, or use the online form that’s available on our website.

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