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Inflatable Cofferdams and Environmental Sustainability: A Green Solution

Inflatable Cofferdams and Environmental Sustainability: A Green Solution

In our current ecological climate, there has been a massive push for sustainable options and green-friendly solutions to traditionally disruptive building and flood prevention practices. Inflatable cofferdams are your water intrusion prevention method for environmental sustainability and limiting the ecological damage of the construction industry. So how do inflatable cofferdams accomplish this? Temporary cofferdams are the best option due to their limiting environmental impact, surpassing traditional damming methods, and being some of the most versatile tools on the market.

Minimal Environmental Impact

First and foremost, among the benefits of using an inflatable cofferdam are the incredibly low levels of environmental impact they leave behind. Some of the ways they perform better than any other damming method include:

  • Minimizing Disturbances: Inflatable cofferdams cause the least disturbance to the soil beneath the water compared to any traditional damming method. Rather than being implanted into the earth, inflatable cofferdams use pressure and weight to sit atop the silt, leaving little to no trace of their existence after removal.
  • Efficient Water Dispersion: Inflatable cofferdams do not simply block the water; instead, they are inflated by the water they are blocking, creating an impermeable barrier that minimizes impact on the ecology around it.
  • Shoreline Restoration Uses: You can use a temporary cofferdam to assist in shoreline restoration and counter erosion methods. Due to their temporary nature, inflatable cofferdams can be quickly set up in response to ecological damage and removed when permanent fixes have been installed.
  • Quick And Easy Setup And Takedown: An inflatable cofferdam can be set up in a matter of hours with a small crew and removed equally as quickly. For more information and instructions on how inflatable cofferdams work, click here.

Inflatable Cofferdams Vs. Traditional Damming Methods

While some traditional damming methods can be equally effective compared to an inflatable cofferdam, they come with several environmental concerns you need not consider when using an inflatable cofferdam. Earthwork and Rockwall cofferdams displace the environment around the work area, churning up the local territory, destroying natural habitats, and leaving lasting damage. Cellular cofferdams are permanent and require extensive take down to remove, disturbing the waters around them and making any work area inhabitable for local flora and fauna. Finally, sandbags and concrete cofferdams are effective but can leak toxic chemicals into the waters and are banned for use in many watershed areas. Overall, when you want to impact the local environment as little as possible, there is no better option than an inflatable cofferdam.

Reusability And Quality of Inflatable Cofferdams

The final, and arguably best, argument for inflatable cofferdams as a green solution is their rugged build quality and reusability. Most cofferdams must be constructed on-site and, after deconstruction, will require a considerable rebuilding process at subsequent locations. Inflatable cofferdams can be relocated with a truck, staked down, then removed for use at another site. Furthermore, inflatable cofferdams are surprisingly durable. They are made of a proprietary geotextile material impervious to water and puncture resistant. You can set up an inflatable cofferdam anywhere, and they come in various shapes or sizes, blocking waters as shallow as a few inches and as deep as twelve feet.

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