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Why Inflatable Cofferdams Are Superior To Earthen Dams

Why Inflatable Cofferdams Are Superior To Earthen Dams

There are many solutions to the issues of water intrusion. An inflatable cofferdam is one of the most effective solutions, but it is not the only one. How does the effectiveness of an inflatable cofferdam compare to, for example, an earthen dam?

An earthen dam is probably the oldest type of dam there is, and human beings have been creating earthen dams for thousands of years. They are so-called because they are constructed using elements supplied by our planet – earth, soil, clay, sand and rock.

In Contemporary Times An Earthen Dam Is Never A Terribly Effective Solution

While it is true earthen dams have been used for a very, very long time, that does not mean they are the best solution for modern water intrusion or diversion issues. We do not, after all, still go around on horseback and you do not see many accountants working on their company’s accounts using an abacus.

Earthen dams in the 2020s are really only suitable for large-scale, permanent solutions to water intrusion or diversion issues. For small scale solutions, they are simply not suitable.

The main problem with earthen dams is that they weaken quickly. That’s because the bodies of water that they work to contain weakens them. No matter how tightly packed the soil, sand and rocks are, the water will soon wear into the structure. Soil and sand will vanish, and rocks will be loosened. A few loose rocks in a precarious position could bring the entire structure crashing down.

An Inflatable Cofferdam Is A Much Superior Solution Than An Earthen Dam

A water filled cofferdam is a much sturdier and effective solution to dewatering or diversion issues than an earthen dam. Not only is a cofferdam much easier to install, there is also no danger of erosion or of your dam failing. Earthen dams also bring foreign elements to the water which can accumulate and cause problems further downstream.

Earthen dams also take a huge amount of time and effort to construct and to remove once they are no longer needed. This is simply not the case with an inflatable cofferdam, which is placed into position then inflated and then deflated as needed.

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