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Preventative Bridge Repair with Water Filled Cofferdams

Preventative Bridge Repair with Water Filled Cofferdams

The current state of bridges all across the US is not good. The ‘golden age’ of bridge-building in the US was over half a century ago, meaning that almost half of the bridges in the country are over fifty years of age. This is bad news, especially as it’s also estimated that one in ten bridges in the US are so badly in need of repair that they are unfit for use.

The Key To Maintaining A Bridge Is Preservation And Prevention

The two main attributes when it comes to the maintenance of bridges are preservation and prevention. Prevention means that steps are taken to make sure that the chances of the bridge developing problems are kept to a minimum. Preservation means that if a fault is identified, then steps are taken to solve those problems as swiftly as possible.

Of course, for all this to be effective the bridge needs to be closely monitored. If a bridge is used by a large volume of traffic on a daily basis then close monitoring is essential. Failings with bridge maintenance in this regard can of course lead to devastating consequences.

Having The Correct Equipment Is Also Key For Preventative Bridge Repair

An effective worker is a person with effective tools. If you do not have the correct tools for any job that you’re required to do, then you simply are not going to do an effective job.

As many bridges provide access over sources of water, proper maintenance can only be carried out if dewatering has taken place first. Work crews are simply not safe if they are forced to work in water, so you need to get that water out of the area.

One of the most effective ways of creating a safe and dry working environment is via a water-filled cofferdam. A cofferdam is an easy-to-transport and easy-to-apply solution for your dewatering requirements.

Effective Bridge Repair With A Water-Filled Cofferdam Courtesy Of Dam-It-Dams

There is no more experienced company across the entirety of the US when it comes to water filled cofferdams than Dam-It-Dams. Our cofferdams are supremely effective both in terms of usefulness and cost. You can purchase a water filled cofferdam from us if your company often needs to find a dewatering solution, or you can rent one if it is just for a one-time use.

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