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Inflatable Cofferdams vs. Traditional Cofferdams: A Comparative Analysis

Inflatable Cofferdams vs. Traditional Cofferdams: A Comparative Analysis

Cofferdams have been an essential part of construction and environmental protection for centuries. The first use of what we would consider a cofferdam is likely over 2500 years old and existed in the ancient empire of Persia. However, we have moved on from those ancient building practices. In the second millennium, there is a revolutionary and versatile option available that stands above other temporary damming methods compared to traditional dams. Want to know more? Join us today as we break down why inflatable cofferdams are the superior cofferdam option in many situations.

Inflatable Cofferdams Offer Superior Set Up And Takedown Time

Traditional cofferdams are challenging to set up and take ages to deconstruct. Earthen dams, sandbags, and other temporary measures require significant labor and will take days, if not weeks, to take down with a small crew. Other, more permanent damming methods can take just as long to set up but come with the additional caveat of being a constant source of disruption until the expensive and labor-intensive takedown is conducted. Conversely, inflatable cofferdams can be set up by a crew as small as three people, up to six for larger dams, and take only hours to construct. Then, once work is complete, they can be taken down by an equally small crew and are only limited by the strength of the pumps that remove the water from the cofferdam. Usually, even the largest inflatable dams can be taken down in less than a single work day, then packed up and moved to the following work site.

Inflatable Cofferdams Are The Best Environmental Choice

As we stated in the above section, traditional cofferdam methods can take significant time to take down, impacting water flow for an extended period. While that is bad enough, as negatively influencing any natural environment for construction compounds the damage day by day, there is more that traditional cofferdams suffer when considering the environment. Traditional cofferdams come with the risk of potential chemicals and debris leaking into affected waterways. Inflatable cofferdams do not suffer from such a detriment as they are wholly self-contained and made of a stable geotextile material with no harmful components that can seep into the waters it is damming. Moreover, unlike other cofferdams, inflatable cofferdams from Dam-It-Dams are fully recyclable, making them an investment in the future and the present.

Inflatable Cofferdams Save You Money, Along With Time

While it is evident that the quick turnaround times of inflatable cofferdams save you on labor and the length of potential building permits, there is more. One significant distinction between inflatable cofferdams vs. traditional methods is that you can use an inflatable cofferdam indefinitely. So long as they are set up and taken down properly, there is no limit to the number of projects an inflatable cofferdam can be made helpful for. Traditional methods require purchasing and using costly construction materials that are wasted or only partially reused. Additionally, the savings carry over and add up over time, costing you nothing but the labor times for set up in the future, allowing you to focus your time and money elsewhere, like growing your business or in other investments.

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