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The Advantages of Inflatable Cofferdams: A Boon for Construction and Environmental Protection

The Advantages of Inflatable Cofferdams: A Boon for Construction and Environmental Protection

Cofferdams are inflatable barriers that construction companies can use to redirect the flow of, protect against, or store water in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. If you have never used an inflatable cofferdam or this is your first time needing to work near a water source, then there is no better damming option for small to medium-scale projects. Why are inflatable cofferdams the better choice over other damming options for construction and environmental protection? Read on to find out.

Inflatable Cofferdams Offer Unbound Versatility

Inflatable cofferdams from Dam-It-Dams are rated for construction projects ranging from a few inches to twelve feet deep. While not ideal for offshore building operations, an inflatable cofferdam can be best used for coastal, riverside, lakeside, or areas that are prone to flooding. Moreover, is one cofferdam not enough? You can save time by interconnecting them to create a custom layout to create any size and width of barrier you need, from small inlets for boat ramp construction to spanning entire rivers for a bridge repair.

Are you worried about the cofferdam getting washed away? Inflatable cofferdams are lightweight before installation, but the weight grows significantly as they fill with water through their innovative baffle system. The weight is then evenly distributed along the entire interior of the structure. Some uses for inflatable cofferdams include flooding protection and weatherproofing, which can handle even the most vicious storms.

Types Of Construction Projects Which Can Benefit From An Inflatable Cofferdam

An inflatable cofferdam can be used for any number of projects that can encounter water intrusion; however, the most common uses in the construction industry include:

  • Bridge Construction And Repair
  • Boat Ramp Construction
  • Canal/ Culvert Construction And Maintenance
  • Dredging Operation
  • Pipeline Construction

Invest In A Low-Cost Solution for Your Water Intrusion Needs

Inflatable cofferdams are the ideal solution if you want to save money on multiple construction projects that suffer from the threat of water intrusion. Unlike any other damming solution, an inflatable cofferdam can be used numerous times at several job sites without drawbacks. So long as they are erected and deconstructed properly, an inflatable cofferdam can be reused indefinitely, making a single investment pay dividends over its lifetime. Furthermore, inflatable cofferdams are the damming solution that requires the least labor and can save you money on permits due to their temporary nature. A crew as small as three and up to six for larger dams can set up a cofferdam in just a matter of hours. This means your setup and takedown times are lowered, limiting the total impact and allowing you to focus more on your construction project rather than the logistics of preparing the site.

Inflatable Cofferdams – The Eco-Friendly Option

So, how are inflatable cofferdams, which look like balloons made of plastic, a superior environmental option? Inflatable cofferdams are crafted from a durable geotextile material that is puncture-resistant and tear-proof, making them far sturdier than they may appear. This construction material makes them easy to produce and fully recyclable. Additionally, the impact left behind by an inflatable cofferdam is little more than an impression in the sediment upon which it sits. There is no residue, like sandbags, or a need for extensive construction, like with other damming methods.

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