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Inland Flooding

Inland Flooding

The dangers of hurricanes and tropical storms is pretty apparent, not to mention calamitous, we all know this. However, there is also another danger associated with these massively powerful storms; a risk known as inland floods, also called aftershocks.

Inland flooding is the intense level of flooding that immediately follows the initial storm, be it a hurricane, heavy rainfall, quick snow and ice melts, or tropical storms. It does not occur at the coast, yet it is considered with coastal flooding by hazard specialists because of its connection with land falling storms. The effects of inland flooding can extend as far as 100 miles from the coasts edge.

A drastic amount of damage to property and people occurs annually from inland floods with a NWS (National Weather Service) report stating that more than half the deaths associated with U.S. Tropical cyclones are due to these aftershocks.

Due to these findings, it is imperative to be prepared for any and all forms of flooding, even if you’re miles from the coast and feel you’re in no danger. Determine if you’re in a flood zone, pay attention to news reports and weather alerts regardless in order to be safe, be prepared to evacuate if instructed to do so, locate a nearby “safe zone” and make sure your path to get there is clear. These small steps can mean the difference of survival and tragedy!

This 2018 hurricane season, meteorologists predict a total of 14 named storms, seven hurricanes, and three major hurricanes so preparing your home for various floods is a priority. Here at Dam-It Dams, we are devoted to making the most innovative and eco-friendly temporary portable cofferdams that uses on-site water to fill the geo-textile inner bladder of our puncture-resistant cofferdams. We make our cofferdams so that they are capable to be interlocked, allowing it to fit any size terrain with a water-tight seal. They are affordable and reusable, they are easy to install and uninstall with minimal effort and laborers.

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