Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

In-Water Repair using Cofferdams

In-Water Repair using Cofferdams

Oftentimes, repairs to existing construction work require in-water productivity. These activities can be extremely difficult and sometimes dangerous while adding an extra layer of trials to the existing work at hand. A few examples of repairs requiring in-water construction are pool maintenance, repair to dams, concrete and pillar repair, inspection and repair of pipelines, and boat ramp repairs. All of the aforementioned tasks are difficult enough, but in addition, the work has to be done in areas of standing water. Risks and dangers are increased with the added element of water.

But rest assured that with a proper amount of planning, precautions can be taken to ensure the safety of yourself, your crew, the job satisfaction level can be achieved in a timely fashion, and all without causing any future issues or damage to the existing structure.

Plan Ahead! You need to make sure that you have plenty of time for any obstacles that may arise while keeping the projects time deadline and financial deadline. Try your hardest to keep to your timeline goal, because the completion of any project on time is always key. Do your best to have as many supplies and equipment requirements ready and in functioning order before you even begin. Factor in any requirements for extra workers or outsourcing. Allow budget for unforeseen expenses. Finally, ensure the condition of the surrounding construction area and it’s stability, for both the project and the safety of your crew.

Here’s how Dam-It Dams can help you:

De-watering, one of the 3-D’s in a cofferdams purpose, is imperative when it comes to in-water construction, repair, and inspection.  Our water inflated inner-tubes are ideal for this sort of use, because the water needed to fill the inflatable inner bladders is readily available, making it cost-efficient and time saving, as well as economically friendly. It is puncture resistant and reusable, quick and easy to install and break down, and it provides a water-tight seal to both even and uneven ground. Best of all, once the work is done, you simply empty the tubes back into the waters natural area and you’re done. The cofferdam and system are so easy to use that they require minimal crew and can be used for larger scale construction projects, or for home use.

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