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How to Install a Flood Barrier Using Inflatable Cofferdams

How to Install a Flood Barrier Using Inflatable Cofferdams

There are many reasons why you might want to install a flood barrier. Perhaps your property sits on a flood plain, or a heavy storm or hurricane has been forecast. If you are thinking about installing a flood barrier, then an inflatable cofferdam from the team at Dam-It-Dams is something you should think about.

Installing an Inflatable Cofferdam from Dam-It-Dams as a Flood Barrier

You can install an inflatable cofferdam in less than twenty-four hours, but it pays to be prepared. The sooner you install a flood barrier when there’s a predicted problem, the less damage and issues you are likely to face.

Of course, there are a few different types of environments where a flood barrier may be needed. If you are installing your barrier on dry land where there’s a danger of flooding, then it’s simply a case of unrolling your barrier in the best position possible and then inflating it.

Sometimes you will need to install your flood barrier in standing water. This could be in a culvert or body of water where levels are rising because, for example, heavy rainfall. The installation of the flood barrier in this situation is akin to the installation on dry land. You can ‘float’ the barrier out into position, and then inflate it. Eventually the weight of the inflatable cofferdam will anchor it into position.

Moving Water is a Hazardous Place in Which to Position Your Barrier, but it is Possible

You may need to place a flood barrier in a position where water is already in motion, such as a river or flood water that is already a problem. Here, care must be taken to make sure that the inflatable cofferdam is anchored at all times. If it is not anchored, then the momentum of the water will make it difficult to accurately position it.

An unsecured cofferdam in moving water can become a hazard in itself if not properly secured. Once firmly anchored in position, the cofferdam can be inflated to create the flood barrier that you are in need of.

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