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How to Prep Your Construction Site for Hurricane Season

How to Prep Your Construction Site for Hurricane Season

Nobody wants to be hit by a hurricane of course but thinking that you never will be is the worst possible move you can make, especially during the so-called hurricane season. This is especially true if your company is working on a construction site. Unfinished buildings and buildings under a state of repair are much more vulnerable than completed buildings, so you really do need to prepare for the worst.

Have a Strategy in Place in Order to Deal with a Hurricane if it Happens

Being ill-prepared when a hurricane hits is foolish and unnecessary. You need to be in a position to lock down your site as quickly as you can. It is of course necessary to keep a firm eye on the weather if a hurricane has been predicted, but that does not give you the luxury of leaving things to the last minute.

As is customary with a construction site, you will have a number of loose items scattered around. Such items can become extremely dangerous when seized by hurricane winds and have the potential to cause damage and even become deadly. If you are found to be at fault because you did not secure your items despite warnings, then you could be facing litigation.

When a Hurricane is Looming, Lockdown Your Site and Evacuate Your Workforce

While it is possible that a hurricane may cause zero damage to your site, that is not something that you can rely upon. To prevent issues, make sure that all tools and items of equipment are removed from the site. Any loose items that cannot comfortably be removed should be covered and tied down or anchored. You should also take steps to secure your construction as much as possible, so it has less chance of being damaged.

Most important of all, make sure your workers are aware of your evacuation plan and that they have the time and means necessary to remove themselves from the site and get to places of safety.

It’s an unfortunate fact that hurricanes and flooding tend to go hand-in-hand. Water damage can be impossible to recover from, which means you need to be prepared to take steps to protect your site against flooding. That is one of the reasons why investing in a water-filled cofferdam from Dam-It-Dams is always an excellent idea. To learn more about how to us inflatable cofferdams to protect your construction site during a hurricane, please feel free to contact us at 1-810-695-1695 or use our online contact form located on our website.

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