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Major Differences Between Traditional and Inflatable Cofferdams

Major Differences Between Traditional and Inflatable Cofferdams

If your company has been dealing with construction projects where water intrusion is an issue for several years now, you may have always selected a traditional solution as the way to solve your problem. You may, however, have found that ‘traditional’ cofferdams are more trouble than they are worth, and are looking into alternatives. If that is the case, then inflatable cofferdams are the number one alternative to traditional cofferdams.

But what are the differences, and which solution is the better one? Here we explain the differences between traditional and inflatable cofferdams.

Traditional Cofferdams Are Tough To Deploy, While Inflatable Cofferdams Are Not

The deployment of a traditional cofferdam becomes a minor construction project in itself. Concrete, steel or in some cases earth is used to construct the cofferdam. This involves getting materials and equipment to the site, and then employing specialized staff to complete the construction process.

An inflatable cofferdam is simply taken to where it needs to be, unrolled, placed into position and then inflated using the resource that is already present – water!

Traditional Cofferdams Disturb The Local Environment Greatly, Inflatable Cofferdams Do Not

Naturally, a construction project is going to cause a great disturbance to the surrounding area, so you are going to want to minimize that disturbance for the sake of the local environment. The construction of a traditional cofferdam simply makes matters worse.

Inflatable cofferdams cause minimum disturbance to the local environment. This is extremely important when working in dynamic water sources, as traditional cofferdams contribute to the issue of topsoil erosion and deposits into the flowing water that may cause issues downstream.

Traditional Cofferdams Are Not Reusable, While Inflatable Cofferdams Are

The major difference between traditional cofferdams and inflatable cofferdams is that inflatable cofferdams are reusable. The only ‘removal solution’ for a traditional cofferdam is for it to be demolished. An inflatable cofferdam can just be deflated, cleaned, removed and then placed into storage, ready to be used when it is next required.

If you are at least sold on the idea of using inflatable cofferdams to solve your water intrusion issues as opposed to falling back to the less-effective solutions offered by traditional cofferdams then the team here at Dam-It-Dams are here to help. We have been supplying inflatable cofferdams all over the United States for more than two decades now, and we are ready to provide one for you. To learn more, contact us at (810) 695-1695 or online through our contact form

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