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Inflatable Cofferdams for Concrete Repair

Inflatable Cofferdams for Concrete Repair

Concrete and water do mix, but it’s best that concrete and water only mix when you want them to. If you have been tasked with undertaking the repair of a concrete structure such as a bridge, culvert or boat ramp, then you will need to create a dry, water-free environment first. If you want to achieve this in the most efficient way possible, then you need to use inflatable cofferdams.

The Use of Inflatable Cofferdams is Ideal in Any Type of Water Environment

There are two types of water environments where a concrete repair may be required. The easiest environment to work in is a static water environment, such as a pool or lake. Water barely flows, or indeed does not flow at all. Dealing with water intrusion in a static water environment is very easy, especially if you use inflatable cofferdams.

To create your barrier, you just need to float the inflatable cofferdam out until it is in place. You may need to anchor it, or you may not. You then inflate the cofferdam – one of the many major benefits of using inflatable cofferdams to deal with water intrusion issues is that resource required to inflate the cofferdam – water – is of course already present. As water is pumped into the cofferdam it becomes heavier and begins to sink. When it reaches the water bed, it anchors itself in place. Once the cofferdam is fully inflated the water can be removed from the area where the work is to take place, creating your safe, water-free environment.

The second type of water environment where concrete repairs are often needed is in a dynamic water source such as a river. The installation of your inflatable cofferdam is slightly more complicated, as much more stringent anchoring is required – the last thing you are going to want to see happen is for your half-inflated cofferdam to drift away downstream! Once anchored, the inflation process is the same as with a static water environment.

When the concrete repair has been completed, the cofferdam can simply be deflated and then removed. Once cleaned, it can be placed in storage until the next time it is required.

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